Sample .xls and xlsx download

Microsoft Excel worksheet sheet (97–2003)

The .xls format is native to Microsoft Excel. This is a file extension for a spreadsheet file format.
.xls files can also be opened and edited by the Microsoft Excel Viewer, and OpenOffice.


.xls stands for eXceL Spreadsheet. It features calculation, graphing tools, pivot tables, and a macro programming language.


Microsoft Excel official page 

9 kB 10 rows xls
14 kB 50 rows xls
20 kB 100 rows xls
140 kB 1000 rows xls
670 kB 5000 rows xls
5 kB 10 rows xlsx
7 kB 50 rows xlsx
9 kB 100 rows xlsx
42 kB 1000 rows xlsx
184 kB 5000 rows xlsx

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